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April 19, 2014 · 09:02


lolThis morning at the Virginia Ave exit leading to the Delta Headquarters  Campus

REALLY @ this dude’s face. I can’t say that I feel particularly sorry for ole boy. You get what you get when you cheat on your significant other. If I absolutely must say something positive, then I admire that he did what he needed to do to get back in good. Still funny tho.

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Facebook has become one  of the most insidious evils in today’s society, and you might never think of it as evil, is, of all things. Remember when you could use it to find long, lost friends, or acquaintances you might want to think of as friends? Remember when you made fun of your coworker and her invisible farm?  Well, you can still do that, however one of things which has changed is those people have not been given a platform on which to shout out their loves, their hates, and their grievances.  Facebook is not about catching up any more, or simple socializing, Facebook is about forcing your “likes” down as many throats as possible.  I wonder how one friend gets any work done with 35 to 100 likes and forwards an hour.  I know several whose only source of news and information is forwarded from one of their 500 Facebook friends.  The all time Classic was “It’s Obamas fault I can’t get TV channels anymore.”  You are basically given three choices in dealing with these morons: unfriend them, ignore them, or join them.

My ego does not need countless friends in order to survive.


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wordless wednesday

piedmont park


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BBG“You,” the woman called from the open window of the car that was backing into a spot on Piedmont by the Park.

I pulled BBG leash in tight until she was standing next to me, her tongue lolling out but barely visible in the deep blue dark of the late evening. We were standing on the edge of the park, which is completely dark this time of nite, except for the baseball diamonds and the lights from the street. On Piedmont the traffic moved quickly past, their headlights bright in our eyes, illuminating us where we stood.

The door opened and the woman–a big, burly thing with an enormous mop of platinum blond hair crossed the street.

“You,” she said again, and this time I recognized a heavy Russian accent. “I see you every day.”

I smiled my bravest smile. “I’m sorry,” I apologized.

As she approached I could just make out the traces of a smile, although because she was Russian it was difficult to be certain. “No, but I know you. I see you all the time. With your dog,” which she pronounced, “Dohguh.”

“I see in the morning on my way to work. You cross this busy street and your dohguh stays right by your side. I see you every night on my way home from work. And again–your dohguh is right beside you.” I nodded and smiled “Yes I walk her a lot.” I told her.

“Sometimes I see you in the afternoon. I watch for you. I always see you.”

I didn’t know what to say so I just smiled.

She said, scratching her ear. “she is more to you. I can see that. I see that every day for long time,” which she pronounced “lohnguh time,” hitting the T with a gutteral crispness. “this dohguh is more than friend to you.”

I blushed and did the only thing I could, which was nod and say, “I love her very much.” “and she loves you.” She scratched her chin then looked at me and said, ” I have wanted to tell you that for a lohnguh time so tonight I did.”

And before I could say anything else she turned around avoiding cars in the turn lane to 14th and went into the Nook for what I guess is her nitely cocktail

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janieSome people come into our lives and quickly go. They awaken us to a new understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom. They stay in our lives for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never ever the same.

God Speed My Dear Friend Janie you surely ” have fought the good fight, you finished the course, you have kept the faith – well done my good and faithful daughter.”



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