1/24/I’ll Never Tell

When we were kids you were the organizer and group leader of all; ” the general.” You appeared to do everything right; the model child every parent hoped for. You had three sons who were/are the apple of your eye and it is clear by how you live that you want the best for your loved ones. Today as you celebrate your birthday it’s important that you know ….

I admire your strength in the face of all obstacles, I am in awe of your grace and calm in the roughest of storms, I am proud of all you’ve accomplished. You are not just a sister you are the link to each other; the one who sees the best in those around you. I love you sis ….. HAPPY BIRTHDAY


Anonymous Says …..

The internet is often used as a forum for hate and anger and I have noticed recently that the tone and factual correctness of most these opinionated rants and moans are usually nowhere close to the truth. Anonymous people often find rudeness easy on line whether it be commenting on an article they read or forwarding an email that has been forwarded and forwarded. Of course there in no comeback when you hide behind a pseudonym or a character and harsh words can be fired easily when no one knows or can see the “shooter.” Or if there is a comeback it usually starts with ” I verified it on facebook” I just shake my head in amazement ; snoops.com is a subsidiary of the parent company of the National Enquirer.

Remember how your mother said “If you can’t say anything good about someone, say nothing.” I agree with her general sentiments as bad mouthing someone can make you look mean and bitter. Well realize next time you forward an email that has been forwarded from someone who knows someone who knows someone who read it on facebook (that makes it the gospel truth for sure) or it was verified Fox News (so it must be true) that you are only giving the original commenter a forum of hate.


Consider And Apply!

If there’s something that I’m surprised about is how folks not only want your help, they want your help THEIR way. If they’d like a ride to blah blah blah they want to tell you what time is convenient for THEM. If they need to have you work on something, they will insert the word “NOW” as if you are supposed to drop everything you are doing to accommodate their needs NOW!

BREAKING NEWS: When you need someone’s help OR someone offers their help, that assistance puts you at the whim of the provider. There’s nothing to interpret. Life is not always fair. If you need help, you make yourself available when I can provide that help. If you want me to step in, you have to be prepared to deal with whatever it is I shell out. You need to be humble, accessible, available and grateful to receive my assistance.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Today you need help; tomorrow I may need help, can I count on you without hearing the grunting noises you make everytime you are asked to do something? Or “Its my day off ” and the classic ” Let me see and get back with you.”