Blame Obama For Good Economy Too ?

I was listening to 2 ” trust fund moms” talk about ones son losing his Hope Scholarship at UGA because he only had a C average. The one listening response was “It’s Obama’s Fault”. I bit my lip not to chuckle since the Hope Scholarship Fund was cut this year by Georgia’s Republican Governor and Rubber Stamped by the Republican controled Legislature. The same trio that this year cut Education Spending and Programs across the board.

So should I be saddened that her son probably spent more time at the Frat House then the Library? Β More importantly should I be saddened to see Gas prices falling below $3 nationwide? The market is at an all time high, construction is rebounding, spending is up and it’s “Obama’s Fault.”

Its to been less then two weeks since the south was blanked with “let’s get rid of the Obama cronies and let’s get our country back.” before the election. Β When I voted I didn’t see Obama on the ballot but you wouldn’t have known by the ads!

So the one thing we don’t know is what do they mean by “taking our country back ?”