My brother ….. his 3rd and long

I hurts my heart to write for Roger tonight. He lost his courageous fight today.  Just when I think I can do this I am overcome with sadness again so trying to get through this.  He so enjoyed this blog and if I can continue this for him I will try.

Of course you know your sibling your whole life but I am amazed of what I have learned from him just this past long 5 weeks.  His courage and strength was unbelievable. His body went through so much, and I mean so much yet he would just keep going and not complain. The doctors and nurses absolutely loved him, his spirit and his intellect and friendly manner to everyone – it was so evident how everyone just enjoyed having conversations with him. It made me proud of him every time one of the staff would say Roger is the best patient ever. He so wanted to keep going and wanted to always be here for his family and friends. What an amazing, brave person he truly was.  He would do anything for anybody in need, an all around great guy.

So this is written tonight with such sorrow it physically hurts. I miss him so much as well as his parents, brother, sister nephews, long time partner and many other family and friends. My comfort at the moment is that he is no longer suffering and struggling to live but mostly I am comforted by knowing he is with my son and for this I am grateful.

Good night for now -continue to pray for us during this difficult time and journey to heal and adjust. I miss my brother…..


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  1. Johnie says:

    I wish my blog pages looked like this! That is a pat on the back, btw…I am new to article posting and reading various websites is helping me get better with my own. Any info you can drop on me to help is very wedlemoc. Thanks for the good info on this page!


  2. Sanne says:

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  3. 3rdnlong says:

    Thank you. Occasionally I check back on my brothers posting site and wish I could come up with things to say each day like he did. Was especially wishing I could talk to him today so I logged on to his blog instead.


  4. Laticia says:

    For the love of God, keep writing these areslcti.


  5. Chuck says:

    You’ve maegand a first class post


  6. 3rdnlong says:

    Thank you Lesley and yes you can relate, so sorry for your loss as well and for your family


  7. Anonymous says:

    Jennifer, beautiful. A truly profound tribute to your brother. I can so now relate to your pain. He sounds like a remarkable man. Such a loss. I’m holding you and all of your family in my heart. Lesley LaFave Pulley

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  8. 3rdnlong says:

    Thank you Ron


  9. 3rdnlong says:

    Thank you for your response

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  10. 3rdnlong says:

    Thank you, I would like to continue so will chime in later. I’m missing him too much at moment, but do want to say thanks for your kind words.

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  11. Jennifer,
    My condolences to you and your family. I send love and support to all of you. Roger will always be in my heart as he was a kind supporter of mine as I stumbled into blogdom. He always had kind words to share….love actually. I will miss him.
    If you are so inclined to continue this blog as your own, I will look forward to supporting you into the journey and getting to know you as I did Roger.

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  12. Gail Gipple says:

    So very sad to learn of Roger’s passing.
    I can only imagine the grief that you and your wonderful family are enduring. My heart goes out to all of you: Roger and Mary Jo, Jennifer, Dwayne, Stephanie, and your extended family. Please extend my sympathies to your parents.
    Warm regards, Gail Gipple

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  13. Urspo says:

    Thank you Jennifer for keeping us up to date; often when a blogger dies his/her readers never know ‘what happened’.
    J – in this situation we all want to say something to give some sort of comfort, but only come up with words lame or useless. I will miss Roger. I never met him, but through his writing I felt I got to know him. I hope you will keep his blog up, as a monument to his creativity. It would be good to revisit his prose from time to time and remember him. Bless you.
    Roger – I will miss you; I will remember.

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  14. Stephanie says:

    * oops Correction! Comma instead of Coma
    My bad 🙈🙉🙊


  15. sjgreen22 says:

    Beautifully written my dear sister, Jennifer. Thank you for being there with him during this difficult Chapter in his life. What I would’ve given to be able to have been with him, but Thankful you were able to be there for him on a whim when needed!
    So to close for now, as Gemini 2 will do my nightly check ins with Gemini 1 it was Wonderful to read such a Nice Tribute and Kind Words written on the last day of the Wonderful Life of One Amazing Man that was more to me than a brother, he was my closest friend these last 9 years and my days will certainly be quieter without my mid morning check in! So Thank You JJ for this nice surprise of this posting. It was comforting, though you needed a coma after sister or before nephew 😉just teasing!
    I am so Grateful he is no longer in pain, but selfishly I cry this night because I already miss him so much. Though I hope to be ready to get up each new day and celebrate his life, while doing each Goal he had set out for me. Goodness, learning the Up To Date 21st Century Luxuries have been a challenge with his teaching via FaceTime/IPad but I will continue to make him proud. As he will always be in my heart, my spirit as well as my daily thoughts!
    Until next time…❤️, 💭’S and 🙏🏼’S
    Rest In Peace RJ and I do LoveU Xo’s 🙈

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  16. Ron says:

    Oh Jennifer I am so sorry to hear of Roger’s passing. I had his blog postings so I was always notified when he posted. I will so miss him and his good heart. I am saddened.

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  17. Deborah Proudfoot says:

    I understand your pain at this loss. My love and prayers for the whole family at this time.

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  18. rjjs8878 says:

    Please accept my most sincere condolences . Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

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