Consider and Apply

Ever have a word that when pronounced incorrectly makes your skin crawl? Watching TV last night, I overheard someone announce a date. He said “Febuary”. I had to rewind to make sure I heard right…”Febuary” instead of “February”? Then I thought about it, to say it correctly (February) does seem little awkward; a tongue twister. So I figure, what the heck-it could be worse. I’ll reserve my skin-crawling for other words that really irk me: “ambalamps” instead of “ambulance” or “pacific” instead of “specific”! Oh yea, I’ve heard people actually mispronounce these words. Needless to say I had to walk away! Febuary? Hmmm, not bad after all!

Consider and Apply!

I Was Thinking …

BBG It seems are those that live fabulous lives, even if it’s only on Facebook. The reality is that the day-to-day lives we live can be complicated and exhausting. Through it all I try to put it all in perspective. You have to break out of the daily routine and treat yourselves to small escapes that make the day worthwhile. BBG and her quackery behavior is always a break from a weary routine and hopefully with spring right around the corner longer walks she and I will take will be a welcome activity to the part of me that’s become a restless couch potato


Frozen YardWhy do people walk around in freezing weather without hats, gloves, scarves? The temperatures this past week in Atlanta reached record lows. I know there are less fortunate people that simply don’t have. That I understand and I’m not talking about them. I’m referring to the people who are wearing designer clothes and almost mow you down because they’re cold and you’re in their way yet they don’t have any protective gear on. Or the ones that just so happen to be parents and they’re dressed warm but their kids aren’t. WTF!


There are a lot of great things about being a dog owner. The loyalty, companionship and unconditional love of a furry little creature waiting at the door wagging its tail every time you come home no matter how your day went or how long you’ve even been gone. When I come in from taking the garbage out the dog gives me the same excited look as she did when I got home from a week at PKS a couple of months ago.

imageThis tells me that dogs not only love us, but are also horrible at reading clocks. Unless it’s feeding time – then suddenly their internal stopwatch rivals the most accurate atomic clocks on earth. That and she knows exactly what time the school bus stops in front of our building and she needs an immediate bathroom trip.
That’s BBG in the front seat making sure I don’t miss any turns… though I have to be careful not to listen to her directions or we’ll end up at the Wells Fargo on Monroe(they have the best treats) She has a one-track mind.