off course?

BBG and I were walking near the Main Gate at Piedmont Park the other day when a huge flock of gulls and pigeons were on the ground and circling in the air, squabbling, squawking, making a lot of racket. Believe it or not, I do not see gulls that often, especially not this
far inland. Atlanta is on the Chattahouchtee river quite a ways from salt water. The woman I commented to was very firm with me that didn’t mean it was the same thing as the ocean, and consequently Atlanta was not on the coast.

Don’t ask me, I still don’t get it

“rainy days and mondays always ……..”

I am sitting here looking at the rain on a cold, dreary March day. It reminded me how we like and dislike the rain. We say things like the rain is nasty. I do not understand how rain can be nasty. We need the rain to water the crops so that we can eat. We say when it rains it pours. Into each life a little rain must fall. Let it rain. Rain, rain, go away. Send the rain. Every once in a while we see rain while the sun is out. Years ago we would stand in the yard and watch it rain across the street. My Grandmother used to say is was the devil fighting with his wife.

Consider and Apply!image


When we’re younger we feel like we know everything there is to know about everything. It bothers us to accept advice. Whether it’s from our parents, siblings, teachers, friends. We don’t ever think that ‘it could happen to us’. In our minds, we are the exception. We’re too smart for that. There’s no way we could never fall for ‘it’. Then one day, we do. It does happen to us and we’re devastated. Reflectively it hits us: The very thing that someone tried to warn us about has happened to us. You then become painfully aware that maybe, just maybe that person did know what they were talking about. Hopefully (and not in all cases) with age comes the art of ‘listening.

consider and apply

The Vampria Show

This is going back to the early 1970s. On Saturday nights on channel 3 they showed low budget thriller movies. No one would let me watch it, saying I was too young and the result would be nightmares. I bugged them and bugged them until finally I guess they wanted to teach me a lesson and they said ok. Well I didn’t get past opening and now 40 years later Metv is bringing it back late nite and I still didn’t make it.