Since the time we were very small children, my mother always told us never to gloat at some one’s misfortunes, even if we really disliked that person. The trouble is that life has a way of coming back on you, so what you laugh about now may come back to haunt you later. I have always taken this to heart and I am glad to say that when a person who is not in my good books, has a problem, I never think “good you’re going to get yours now”. I always feel empathy for them if they’ve lost a job, became ill, etc. I think people read that sort of kindness from a person and if you are like that and find yourself in a bad situation, you will also find a lot of people who want to come to your aid.

What brings this to my mind today is what I learned about a woman I worked with a few years ago. At first she seemed nice enough but as I got to know her more, there was a hidden mean streak lying underneath. She liked to make sure everyone knew that she was a ‘born again Assembly of God’ I respect every one’s choice in religion so I have no problem with that. The thing that started to rub me the wrong way was the statements she would make always misquoting a bible verse.

The karma that came into play yesterday when I discovered she is the proud grandmother of a bouncing product of a teen pregnancy. I wish them all the best, I really do but I also hope in the sleepless nights that followed finding out that her little girl was pregnant, she also suddenly realized that people are just people and we all make mistakes. That not only do all people make mistakes but that we ourselves and loved ones close to us make mistakes. Understanding that we should all then have compassion for when something bad happens to a person and if we are lucky, we and the people we love will avoid the mistakes that scare us the most. However if someone chooses to sneer and laugh at other’s misfortunes then how much compassion can they expect from the rest of us when karma comes calling.

Oh by the way the Father of her 15 year old daughters baby is the “moral compass” of her church …… THE PREACHER

Consider And Apply ….

I think it’s Edith Piaf who is credited with the advice “use your faults.” I’ve always loved that idea, but have rarely known how to implement it. This morning though, I woke up mulling over my own version of this thought. I’ve spent most of my life battling, or at least trying to hide my neuroses. I wonder what would happen if I found a way to use them instead?

This idea hasn’t triggered a specific game plan any more than Ms. Piaf’s advice has. But I’m feeling hopeful. Have you ever found yourself using some previously hated part of yourself, and finding it effective? What got you there? And did success on one occasion make it easy to keep hold of the lesson, or is this one of those lessons one has to relearn regularly? God I hate those, but they seem to be what life, at least middle-aged life, is all about.

Consider And Apply !