dear neighbor ……

I see from the absence of your RV size SUV in the garage that you’ve left town early for Christmas. Did you remembered everything? Stop the AJC? Change the oil? Take out the trash? Have you turned off your alarm clock? I didn’t think so and since it sounds like an early 80s model you don’t realize that it’s going to squawk and screech continuously until you return? Or perhaps you just don’t care. If it’s still blaring Monday I might need to re-gift a bottle of vodka to the super to open the meter room!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Ron says:

    I can’t imagine putting up with that sound all that time. When we lived in Philly we had the Neighbor’s Barking Dog to contend with. When we moved to the country, it was out neighbor’s Screaming Kid to contend with. Thankfully, here in peaceful Delaware all is quiet.



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