Everybody’s Got One ……..

Sooooo, I’ve made up in my mind that I am not giving out any money to any of my friends that perpetually ask. For the sake of not publicly embarrassing anyone, I’ll leave their identity anonymous, but you get a prize if you guess right.

I have a particular friend that always needs gas money. Over the years, I’ve asked this person why is it when they have money, they don’t just fill their tank up? For whatever reason, this person can’t wrap their brain around putting $50 in their tank. They piece mill refueling, putting in $10 here, $10 there. For years I’ve been trying to get this person to understand that whether you put $50 in at once, or $10 in 5 separate times, you are still putting in $50 from the SAME POT OF MONEY. They don’t hear me though.

Being the victim of a recent tongue lashing involving asking me for money, the moment the dust settled and the lines of communication reopened, said individual went right back to their old ways asking for petty amounts of money for gas. Truthfully y’all, it is not even worth your time to ask someone who lives 25 miles away to send you $20. (and by the way where are you getting the gas to come get it?) The person in need really would be much better off asking their postman. The psychology of the person asking for gas money is an automatic assumption that the person they are asking definitely has $20. However true this assumption may be, I’m sick and tired of aiding grown people in being sorry.


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  1. Ron says:

    I made it a practice many years ago (while I was in the Army) never to loan money to friends. I always did (small amounts then they got larger and larger). A guaranteed way to lose friends. I just say “no” every time. Haven’t been asked in years. I’ve given money (at my discretion) but never responded to a loan.


  2. cut them off; no more money, no more excuses, no more apologies. this person needs to grow up, budget their money, and live within their means. if this person doesn’t like your decision, screw them.



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