Really …..

I was “taken to task” for using the word y’all in yesterday’s post. My anonymous gmail stalker must really be bored.
Many non-Southerners don’t realize that y’all is plural. Unlike those people who affect a really bad Southern accent and bandy about the word y’all indiscriminately, we use it as the plural form of you.


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  1. Y’all is proper speak where I am from. It is the plural of you, for a group of yous… or simply the conjugation of “you all”. When someone seems to think they know how to speak Virginian (The proper dialect of English spoken and written in the Commonwealth of Virginia) better than I do, I then find a way to work in the beloved “All Y’all” which is the plural of Y’all when referring to a large group, more than just a few. That really throws them off. Then let’s trow in the little tidbit about the fact that Webster AND The Oxford English Dictionary both list Y’all as the proper conjugation of You All.


  2. anne marie says:

    hey all y’all anonymous commenters – you are all assholes living in your mommy’s basement!


  3. Basil Rene says:

    Anonymous commenters are really just big cowards, aren’t they? If you need make an anonymous comment you obviously are unsure of your stance.


  4. Ron says:

    Don’t you just love it when the “Anonymous” folks feel the need to correct? I have them too.



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