tomorrow is more important then your protest vote for Trump.

Tomorrow is primary day here in Georgia.  Without Dionne Waricks help the numbers will be low.  The sad thing is it’s more important than the Presidential Dog and Pony Show last month and more important than the daily Facebook Kardashian Poll you forward from your Facebook page to 534 of your closest friends.

Your local elections determine your tax rates, local school funding, road funding and judicial appointments that directly affect your daily life.

Early and Absentee  voting has been going on for a month here, so there’s really no excuse. Then again here’s a difference between an absentee ballot/early ballot and an absentee voter… one lets you vote for your candidate ahead of time while you sleep in or work on your tan on summer vacation, or work that double shift to save for that new car and the other casts a vote for the opponent while you are doing the above mentioned because you are too lazy to be an American… not making your voice heard.

VOTE VOTE VOTE !!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I am registered as a permanent absentee voter that way each election my ballot arrives in the mail several weeks before the election so I research the issues in the comfort of my home over a couple days with ballot in front of me. I make informed decisions, fill it out and then mail it in. No lines, no worries, no parking issues and if I’m traveling …it’s no big deal.



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