there is no me in we

A friend and her teenager daughter showed up Sunday evening insisting I join them at a restaurant around the corner from my house.  When my argument that ham sandwiches were perfectly fine by me failed I told the daughter since it was Easter maybe she should call and see if they were open.  I looked over and saw her wrinkling her nose. “Their phone is broken she insisted, it’s making a weird noise.”  As she handed me her cell I couldn’t help but laugh as I heard the familiar busy tone.  I told her it’s not broken that’s a busy signal.  She looked at me like I was speaking in tongues and said “well we don’t have that.”  I thought her mom was going to fall out as I hit redial on the phone and asked them what time closed tonite.

It got me to thinking today that with the age of smartphones we = now.  Now doesn’t have busy signals,  Now has call waiting and if necessary voicemail.   We has access when they want it and with whom they want it. Then again if they don’t call back quick enough there is always text.  Which is a whole new can of worms.  I have a nephew that if  I call he doesn’t answer.  I text him and get an immediate response.  Don’t WE have the same smartphones with a keyboard image on a flat glass screen? 😎

Consider And Apply

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  1. Urspo says:

    I miss busy signals. It was a blunt clear message I am busy and wait your turn.



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