I’m nothing but a treat machine 🐾🐾🐾🐾

BabyGirl is a beggar. Whenever there’s food, she’s there with those big, brown eyes, giving me that look, the one she hopes earns her a piece of … something, anything. I guess I can’t blame her, aren’t all dogs beggars? Still, you’d think a healthy meal a day, plus treats, would be enough for my best friend. Not so. She wants a piece of everything, even though I rarely give her anything. Anything that is, except her food and the occasional bit of people food.

Did I mention the cookie she gets each and every time we come in the house after she’s done her business? Or something good? Some days, I feel like a treat machine, or a dorm cafeteria worker, which has to explain the phrase I came up with to give myself a respite from my dog’s begging. I say it as I’m fixing a glass of water before going to bed. Naturally, she joins me with that hungry face that says, pretty please? That’s when I look directly into those big, brown eyes and utter the one thing that puts an end to the begging …. “Food services is closed for the night.” At which point BabyGirl huffs, exits the kitchen and goes to lay down on her pillow. At which point I exhale with relief to know the stalking, excuse me, begging, is over, at least till I walk back into the kitchen for a piece of cheese.BBG

4 Comments Add yours

  1. She’s beautiful.


  2. Kathleen says:

    You are setting yourself up when you give a dog a treat for going to the bathroom :o) You apparently lucked-out, but dogs are clever and have been known to “fake” having to go potty 6 times an hour to get the treat.

    — PS. I am emailing you a pic in relation to this post.


  3. the cajun says:

    you ARE a treat machine, sir. But, looked at another way, maybe she wants to sample everything to be sure it’s not poisoned…
    No, huh? Well, I gave it a shot anyway. Joy, anyway!


  4. my cats are the same way.



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