Atlanta you got a minute …..

Driving downtown the other day to the Doctor I got to thinking. Now I understand the functionality of stop lights in the whole traffic flow situation. I get that they’re timed and regulated and whatnot to make traffic movement efficient. In theory. I’m pretty sure a monkey with a laser pointer could set up a system better then Junipter/Courtland at 6:45am. again, Is it necessary to just randomly change a light to red when there are no other cars around but mine for a mile? Seriously. Why am I sitting at a red light when there aren’t even lights on in people’s condos? People are asleep. They don’t need to make a left turn. I, however, need to get the Cardiac Clinic on time.

BTW while I have your attention ….
So, if you could stop dumping dumpsters at 4 a.m., I’d appreciate it and tell the people next door to be ready and on the front stoop when their rides show up at 5:30 so there’s not all this horn blowing going on. Thanks!

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  1. Ron says:

    Our weekly trash trucks come rolling around at 5:30 am every Wednesday morning, without fail. Oh maybe a minute of two earlier or later. WITHOUT FAIL. Wakes me up every time .



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