Dear God……..

I know it has been awhile since our last talk but I was wondering if you had some spare time on your hands and maybe a miracle laying around that wasn’t being used, now would be a good time to send it my way. I really need one. I don’t want to be all selfish here, but time is running out in case you haven’t noticed. I’m holding on to the faith that all things are possible for those that believe but the clock, on the wall, is ticking away on this one. I know I’ve had a good run with this heart but I still have a couple more things to see thru. image🙏🏻

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  1. Kayo says:

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  2. Shirl says:

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  3. Hugs n brotherly beardly healing love are being sent your way this very moment.


  4. rjjs8878 says:

    I hope your faith brings you comfort.


  5. JJ says:

    God always has time for us. Just continue to talk to him and you’ll find that peaceful spot which will help you’re healing.


  6. Ron says:

    You are in my thoughts Roger.



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