food for thought…..

As soon as I heard “hey big man” without looking I knew what was next.  “Can you spare $1.00 for the train.” I guess since we were at the BP at the Downtown Connector he pegged me as an OTP.  I shook my head the trains $2.00. I reminded him and he just keep moving.

But it got me to thinking of Luke 4:14-30 and something I had read recently. What if a homeless person misuses my money ? That isn’t my business ! Giving to a homeless person is between me and God; what they do with the money is between the homeless person and god !


2 Comments Add yours

  1. rjjs8878 says:

    I usually do not give to people begging on the Denver streets. A local paper ran a story exposing a number of them as frauds. The panhandlers made several hundred a day, drove cars and lived in apartments and houses. They just didn’t want to work and found in easier to panhandle. It was a sad commentary on our society.


  2. Ron says:

    Excellent point!



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