Father’s Day Rewind…..

One of my favorite people “anonymous” sent a blistering comment about my lack of effort on a Father’s Day post. I guess I need to come up with a witty nickname for them like Trump does with everyone he dosent like. I have the IP address so I have a general idea who it is. Anyway ……

Every year I ask my Dad  what he wants for Father’s Day. And every year he grumbles about not wanting anything and to please save my money for something actually important, for Chrissakes. So inevitably I end up buying something online he may like and shipping it to him with some sort of note. And then it gathers dust until the following year. Repeat ad infinitum.

This is the main problem with Father’s Day gifting: No matter how tight you are with your dad, finding him something great is nearly impossible. You want to buy him something he’ll enjoy, but he’s not so great about telling you what he likes. Then again the best gift is conversation and don’t be surprised if your Dads a texting pro.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Ron says:

    Never once did my father like what I got for him on his birthday or Christmas. I never bothered with a Father’s Day gift. Conversation? He didn’t like that either. Notice that I didn’t do a Father’s Day post.



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