People amaze me and social media seems to bring out even families true colors. Shame on you, you hypocrite!(no names needed but you might need both hands.) You have more restrictions, more rules and a narrower path to our Lord and Savior than written in the Old and New Testament combined. Sin(or perceived sin) is sin. As I have said in the past there is no bigger or craftier sin in the eyes of God. Quoting the right wing preacher you follow on Facebook who seems to be the authority on everything. They forward or like as the gospel to 546 of their closest internet friends. You branded his latest post with a hell yes it’s a sin. REALLY! So how do you classify adultery and multiple affairs with married men? Sexing a kid your sons age is a choice? Stealing from your job and family is a choice? Drinking the 12 pack then driving is a choice? If you believe in God, hell and the like, there is only ONE Hell. There is only one standard heat level in Hell! A real Christian asks GOD to forgive the sinner. But he or she without any sin…cast the first stone!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. rjjs8878 says:

    Can I get an Amen?


  2. Jennifer says:

    Oh my, someone’s gotten you riled up. Another reason to not get on FB,



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