my favorite thing to talk about from “the old days”

RJjrDo you remember your first car? And when I ask the question, does a picture of it instantly appear in your head and start you on a wistful, romantic flashback? Possibly with Earth Wind & Fire as the soundtrack in the 8track player?
According to a study by Castrol, almost everyone has happy memories of their first car. Half of the people surveyed say they had a “love affair” with their first car and they’ll never forget it. Another 40% say they remember their first car fondly.
30% of people say that even though their car would be a total heap by modern standards, they’d DEFINITELY buy it back if they had the chance. Not a day goes by that I do not think of my first car …….

Consider and Apply!



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  1. Was that your first car? White 1965 (or 64 1/2) mustang? Mine was a dark green 1966 convertible mustang. My father bought it from me years ago and now I have to sell it as part of his estate…..this is interesting to say the least.



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