Why does “authentic” validate the issue?

I was watching MSNBC and the word “authentic” was used to begin a story on Bernie Sanders.  It jumped out and I missed the remainder of the intro to the piece. I didn’t really ponder further on it at the moment, but it still remained close in mind. Then I returned a friend’s phone call who starts every sentence with NO and through that conversation, it came back to me again and I had a bit of an “Aha!” moment. Through yet another confirmation, the power of the word “authentic” was revealed. I than thought to myself, “Why does it take a confirmation from someone else to validate something you already know?” This was a powerful question because I began to wonder, if I’m not being faithful and true to myself than who the heck am I giving it to and how do they get first dibs on my sentiment before I do? Authenticity, denied

Consider and Apply


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  1. I have an authentic diamonelle ring I’d like to sell you for four easy payments of $19.99 each.



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