no turn on red

Walking back from the High Museum yesterday we were crossing Juniper at 14th Friday legally walking in the crosswalk with the green when a car pulled up to the corner and came to a screeching halt. My Heart stopped!

I looked up to see a woman in her AUDI6i holding the steering wheel and texting. It’s against the law to text on the phone while driving in Georgia. She obviously had not read the law or maybe she felt it doesn’t apply to her updating her facebook page. I had what I thought was a normal reaction when I pointed to the walk sign.  I might as well have smashed her hood with my fist. She went ballistic, rolled down the window and told me to get out of the way. I can’t tell you what she said but let’s just say her mother did not teach her any of those words. It was a classic case of road rage, although I wasn’t on the road. Maybe it was side walk rage.

It got me thinking on why do people who are in the wrong get so upset when someone calls them out ? You see it everyday. I mean she should never had been texting on a busy street filled with Sunday walkers and people out for Valentines Day on a cold and crisp but beautiful day.



Why didn’t she just mouth “sorry” and shrug her shoulders in an apology or cover her face in mock embarrassment ? Instead she gave me a gesture as she drove away. I think you know what the gesture was. Her mother didn’t teach her that either!

BTW ….. It’s actually a no turn on red intersection.

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  1. Urspo says:

    Oh this sort of story creeps up my neck like a hot hand. Awful woman! on so many levels!


  2. karma is a bitch; this broad better watch her back!


  3. Ron says:

    Oh I can identify with you on this one. I think there is a correlation between the more expensive the car the bigger the a–hole who is driving it. They do feel entitled don’t they?


  4. Ego. Ego is why she couldn’t say sorry.



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