“be strong”

There’s a little shoppe called Sublime Donuts across from Ga. Tech. It’s a tiny little shop that sells fancy doughnuts. Antonio mentioned his boss was trying to find it the other day so I decided to drive by and pick up one for him. Normally, when I passed by in the afternoon the window proudly displays a bold “Sold Out!” I normally then make a disappointed sound and move along thinking one day I’ll stop. Today was a little bit different. The window instead proclaimed “OPEN”. After having to park down the street on sorority row I high stepped it up the street like the first time mom let me drive the station wagon to the market for her.

I entered the store to an aroma of long ago. Saying to myself “be strong” I approached the counter and requested ” just a caramel with orange icing.” Somehow I walked out with that and three freebies of which you be proud of me I promptly delivered to Dillards taking mine home to enjoy with a tall glass of milk.

image image image


4 Comments Add yours

  1. rjjs8878 says:

    There’s nothing like a fresh donut!


  2. Ron says:

    Oh my Roger, those donughts do look good !


  3. Stephanie says:

    As I just wanted to note, I adore how you seem to Always put a “memory from years past” in most of your writings!



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