Why do people have to talk in public restrooms? Don’t talk to anyone while they are “taking care of business” in the
restroom. That’s just creepy and gross. Don’t say “how’s it going”, “you getting out of town before the hurricane”, “do they serve a snack on this flight?” SMH! We aren’t in high school
anymore sneaking a cigarette between classes. That room has a specific purpose and good god conversation is not purpose.

Consider and Apply



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  1. Urspo says:

    I recall a psychology experiment where the PHD student tested this taboo but talking in the john to the women in the next stalls. Turns out the ones who talked back were either foriegners (who apparently didn’t know the taboo) or very lonely/depressed people.

    That said I am uncomfrtable with a fellow standing next to me one hand with the phone and the other elsewhere, talking. This seems unsanitary as well as creepy.


  2. talking on the phone is just as bad. go in, sit down, do your thing, wash hands, leave. 2-3 minutes tops.



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