Music Can Do Wonders To Improve One’s Mood

I stumbled across the first cassette I ever bought on iTunes the other day and thought “What the hell…you’ve wasted $9.99 on worse,” and downloaded it to my iTunes.
When I started listening, I was immediately transported back to what seemed like a much simpler, far more innocent point in my life, and as those familiar notes washed over me, I felt my blood pressure immediately go down and I entered what I can only describe as a very happy warm-and-fuzzy place. I suppose anyone hearing this for the first time in 2015 would think it’s just so boring, but after all these years, it can still play me, and while I can never regain the innocence of those summers 45 years ago the music allowed me to at least reconnect—if only briefly—with a part of me that used to believe in magic.

Consider and Apply


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  1. It’s really early in the morning here. I didn’t keep reading, just stopped on the first line thinking “What? How the hell did he buy a cassette on ITunes?” I think I need to go pour another cup o joe.


  2. Urspo says:

    I have several playlists of music near guaranteed to cheer me up or calm me down or console me.


  3. Ron says:

    I too experience the same feelings when I listen to the music of my youth, a more innocent and simpler time (or so it seems now anyway in retrospect).


  4. music has always gotten me thru bad times and good times. what cassette was it? I still have my first 45 – “get offa my cloud” by the stones. I also still have my first LP – “rubber soul” by the beatles.



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