But Roger It Wouldn’t Be On Facebook If …..

I don’t think I’m alone when I say I think we were all a lot happier in the pre-Facebook World.  Looking at a Facebook post from someone I thought had some basic sense all I could do is shake my head.  Before  then most of us went through life, blissfully unaware of the majority of atrocities and the outright stupidity occurring in the world. I know that knowledge is power, and yes, while we have now have the collective wisdom of humanity at our fingertips, at the same time we are also exposed to things that no one in their right mind needs to see. (Think anything Kardishian)image

Consider and Apply !



2 Comments Add yours

  1. RAMEN, bro! I have never had, nor never will, have a facebork account. I ain’t missing anything either.


  2. Ron says:

    Excellent point Roger. However, I am afraid I am addicted to FB. If there is anything too outrageous, I just delete it. At least I have that editing power.



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