Damn Hurry Up Babygirl

I now know the most intimate details of the 60-year-old Catholic, Goes-to-Mass-every-Sunday-but-somehow-knows-when-Mercury-is-in-retrograde, had-a-hysterectomy-when-she-was-50, allergic to tree nuts, neighbor who walks her ancient dog about the same time I do everyday.
That includes where she works, the details of each and every commute, every medication she’s taking, where she goes to purchase those meds, every doctor appointment, the never-ending medical problems with her aging dog—that she flat out refuses to put down no matter what it ends up costing her—and of course, every. little. thing. her impossibly adorable grandchildren do.

BTW…… I don’t know her name!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. These are hard ones. While I prefer to surround myself with positive people, I will be courteous to someone like this and listen. They obviously need or want to talk. Ones never knows how one may positively affect by taking a moment to listen and hopefully make someone’s day a bit better.


  2. OMB! go in a different direction, walk your girl at a different time, ANYTHING to avoid this woman (bless her heart). I can’t stand people like that. and WHY does she think you care about all her tribulations?


  3. Anonymous says:

    BG girl has the looks of a good listener…



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