Can You Do It?

Disconnect From Your Electronic Devices….

Worry causes more health problems than any disease. So stop worrying. Yes, you can.
Try breathing instead Then do what you can do to impact whatever situation planted the seed of that knot in your gut. Then breathe some more.

IPads, TVs, Iphones and Wii can all be cool. They can also multiply clutter in your brain. Before turning in for the night, give yourself permission to unplug for at LEAST 30 minutes beforehand. You’ll be amazed. And you’ll feel rested.

You don’t have to die to do this. You can simply STOP what you’re doing, notice what’s going on right in front of you and hey, enjoy it. Peace isn’t an event or a goal. It’s a choice.

Everyone needs rest. ESPECIALLY when we don’t have time to rest and when you choose not to rest when you need to rest, well you already know the rest of that story!

Consider and Apply!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Urspo says:

    Not easily.
    But, when we go to Canada, we go without our phones. This is delightful for I see people and read books and even converse with Someone. lovely .


  2. I have a laptop that stays at home. no cell phone, ipad, itunes, etc. at night before bed I either read a REAL paper book or I knit. I listen to my baseball games on the radio. I haven’t watched tv since 1999 and I haven’t missed anything. it IS easy to unplug!



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