Talking With A Friend About Her Teenager Had Me Thinking

My curfew was lightening bugs, Mom didn’t call my cell, she yelled my name.

I played outside with real friends, not imaginary ones online.

If i didn’t eat what Mom cooked then I didn’t eat. Give me money for Wendy’s was not an option.

Sanitizer didn’t exist, but you COULD get your mouth washed out with soap for talking back to mom.

I didn’t need bottled flavored water from Publix, I drank out of the garden hose and survived.

I rode a bike without a helmet, getting dirty was ok and neighbors gave a damn as much as your parents did. Mrs. Fugleberg had a hell of a left hook.bottled water 1974

BTW …. I got quite acquainted with a mouth full of soap and survived


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Urspo says:

    Drinking from the garden hose was one of summer’s greatest pleasures.


  2. sure different for us. kids these days are afraid to wipe their butts without calling mommy on the cell phone and asking her how to do it.



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