ring …. ring …..

I have come to the conclusion that everyone’s rude with their cell phone, except you, of course. They can’t all possibly be dealing with life-or-death emergencies in the produce section of Publix or while in the bathroom of 5Guys? While waiting for a blood panel this morning the woman in front of me cellphone went off 4 times, not in the lobby mind you, but back in the lab and the sign clearly says turn off all cellphone and electronic devices. What did we do before texting 4g/3g and unlimited minutes? How did we survive without updating our facebook page with our location from the soup aisle? How did we make it thru the day without 37 texts of humorous antidotes? . Did you hear, it’s Obama’s fault “McDreamy” was killed off on Grays Anatomy.  How did we survive with rotary phones, calling your mother collect as “made-it” so she would deny the charge but know you were back home safe?
How hard would it be for you to leave your cellphone in the visor when you went into the grocery store or met a friend for lunch? Mind you does your cellphone not have voicemail? I think it does since you check it every 5 minutes. Modern technology to some extent has taken away a very important element! Face to Face Conversation! (and no FaceTime doesn’t count unless there 75+ miles away.)

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  1. I don’t own a cell phone or belong to facebork/pinterest/instagram/twitter/et al. and I never will.

    I would rather talk with a human being.



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