I Was Thinking …

BBG It seems are those that live fabulous lives, even if it’s only on Facebook. The reality is that the day-to-day lives we live can be complicated and exhausting. Through it all I try to put it all in perspective. You have to break out of the daily routine and treat yourselves to small escapes that make the day worthwhile. BBG and her quackery behavior is always a break from a weary routine and hopefully with spring right around the corner longer walks she and I will take will be a welcome activity to the part of me that’s become a restless couch potato

2 Comments Add yours

  1. I have found myself growing angry this week – cold weather persists, snow, assholes, idiots, work…the only things getting me thru are my knitting and my baseball team begins spring games on tuesday!


  2. Roger & Maryjo Jennings says:

    If you are concerned about being a couch potato, imagine how us senior folks feel..we need to see outside, breath fresh air outside, and take that needed walk around the block outside…



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