“goodbye, sorry we can’t be sure it’s you”

I had a problem with a charge on my AT&T Uverse  bill this morning that required talking with a “customer service specialist”. Instead of asking for my name she asked for my security pin number. I told her I had no idea, I have had this account since 1992 and sighed with the “name that question game coming up.” For those of you who have never had to play the question game it usually a 3 question shot to see if you can remember any of your answers to the 3000 security questions you have answered since setting up your various accounts in the event you forget your pin.

The first one was “favorite color?” Who has a favorite color ? Maybe when I was 10 and the train set my father built had a bright purple engine. “I’m going with purple” sounding like a contestant on Wheel of Fortune asking to buy a vowel. No she said. “Can you give me a hint I asked? ” Apparently I wasn’t warm after rattling off several colors so she asks the” name of favorite pet?

I asked. “Dead or Alive? ” Needless to say she did not sound amused and asked “Street you grew up on?” I thought I got this ! At the end of the call she encourages me to go online and update/change my security pin.

Log in … User Name ….. Password …. all systems go …. click on change account info and up pops a security question! Name the college you attended ! I try Old Dominion University. No luck. I try Old Dominion. No luck. I try ODU. No Luck. I try all caps, no caps and after multiple attempts the screen displays a message saying “Goodbye, Sorry we can’t be sure you’re you.”

I give up lets hope I don’t have another question for another 20 years !



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