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The internet is often used as a forum for hate and anger and I have noticed recently that the tone and factual correctness of most these opinionated rants and moans are usually nowhere close to the truth. Anonymous people often find rudeness easy on line whether it be commenting on an article they read or forwarding an email that has been forwarded and forwarded. Of course there in no comeback when you hide behind a pseudonym or a character and harsh words can be fired easily when no one knows or can see the “shooter.” Or if there is a comeback it usually starts with ” I verified it on facebook” I just shake my head in amazement ; is a subsidiary of the parent company of the National Enquirer.

Remember how your mother said “If you can’t say anything good about someone, say nothing.” I agree with her general sentiments as bad mouthing someone can make you look mean and bitter. Well realize next time you forward an email that has been forwarded from someone who knows someone who knows someone who read it on facebook (that makes it the gospel truth for sure) or it was verified Fox News (so it must be true) that you are only giving the original commenter a forum of hate.



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  1. Since starting Fearsome Beard I had escaped the nastiness out there until two weeks ago. I knew it would eventually come. Then it did and I posted about it since it was hate towards people of color. I figured I would be the first target of hate for my sexual preference, not my god son for the assumed color of his skin ( it was a hip hop dance recital and the commenter assumed he was not white). Then this week I got my second hate comment. I guess because I posted inspirational quotes from 3 scientists, that I am going to hell because I’m an atheist who needs to find Christ. …or at least in this individuals opinion. Still haven’t been hit for being gay, yet. I’m used to taking hits and moving on stronger after the hit …because I am gay. I’ve had plenty of them in my years. The best growth I find comes from forgiveness and compassion for those lost souls.



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