Sure we’ve all felt the temptation. Maybe your tired. Maybe you’re not feeling great today. Maybe the weather is bad and you just want to go back inside. Maybe you just don’t think anyone is looking. But whatever the reason you live in the city and …….
1) It’s the right thing to do. It is just downright nasty to end up with the stuff in your shoe. And it’s not much better when your dog licks you after eating some of that stuff that somebody left around.
2) You  never know who is watching and I know those two convenient dog stations are hard to see while you’re texting. And I guess the green doggy bag would not go with your outfit.
3) It’s healthy. Even thou the pile of poop left on the ground will disappear do you wonder where it goes? The answer is it washes away with the rain right down the storm drain and into the nearest creek or underground spring. Dog Poop is full of germs that can make people sick. Did you know it is the significant source of pollution that is slowly killing the wildlife in Piedmont’s lake ? Did you wonder what kind of germs are being spread when you let your dog pee at the top of the steps or how about in the elevator? Has it ever occurred to you that it is your responsibility to clean it up ?
4) Most important IT’S THE LAW.  The  law requires you to pick up after your dog when you are on other’s property, like the grassy area in front of my home.  Or in public areas like Piedmont Park. Or the courtyard in front of your building! Or the steps at the entrance to the building! Or the elevator for christ sake!

5) You wouldn’t be happy if others let their dogs do their business at your second floor entrance would you?

Be a responsible dog owner it’s not hard !


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