I Was Thinking…..

THANKSGIVING DAY IS MANY THINGS TO MANY PEOPLE….. Family, Football, of course Turkey and now more and more the beginning of the commercialization of CHRISTMAS before the light of day Black Friday.

But on my mind today are:

Do you remember them? Do you remember keeping the S&H Catalog in your sock drawer? Do you remember when you started saving ? Do you remember the first thing you bought with your books?



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  1. I got to paste them in the books and then one time Mom let me spend the books and I bought a lamp for my room. I was so proud of it!


  2. I remember my mother and grandmother saving S&H green stamps. Also “Top Value” stamps, which were yellow . I recall it was a big deal to drive to the redemption center and come home with ‘stuff’.


  3. Urspo says:

    Oh yes I remember
    I recall helping Mother paste these in books. I don’t remember what she did with them, but the process was jolly good fun.


  4. my mom used to collect these from the acme supermarket. she got some small appliances and linens and some other stuff I cannot remember now. by the time I had my own apartment, green stamps had been discontinued.


  5. we used to get those at acme supermarket. my mom bought small appliances and linens and other stuff. by the time I had a place of my own, green stamps were already phased out.



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