Today is Nikki’s birthday. You won’t find her sleeping in late with breakfast in bed, shopping at the mall or hanging out at market gossiping with the soccer moms.

Nikki is a true example of someone who is the backbone of our economy and often overlooked….. the small business person. Nikki grew up in a hardworking family. Both her parents were small business owners; her father had a garage and Nikki grew up around her mothers flower shop. She began working with her mother after school filling up the water buckets for the fresh flowers arriving at the shop. While most kids were enjoying the holidays Nikki was at the shop dressing the Christmas poinsettia’s in holiday colors and Valentines Day dethroning the Roses. After thirty years in the business working in the original shop owned by her mother she took the leap and opened her own shop in the North Atlanta suburb of Lilburn.

In spite of the economy and spending cut backs on secondary items like flowers Nikki has made it work. She has not asked the government for a handout. She pays her bills monthly. She has not overextended her credit and debit load. She has not utilized Georgia’s lax Bankruptcy laws to avoid her responsibilities. Everyday Nikki arrives at her shop with the one goal of providing a fresh arrangement of beauty for whatever the occasion.

But Nikki needs your help like the hundreds of other small flower shops. The small business owner is the backbone of your community still today. I know you think it is easier to run into the 24 hour Super Mega Big Box retail store,or pick up a bouquet at the 24 hour Citgo or even go online and order the Bulldog Special because Vinnikkice says so. But who wants flowers delivered in a box from Fed Ex ? Who wants flowers that were flown in from China and shipped from Cincinnati… how fresh are they ?

The point is visit your local florist ! You will find their prices reasonable,parking a breeze, you are dealing with the owner and you know you will receive that special touch. You are helping your neighbor,community and you are putting dollars right back into your community.
If you can not stop by and see Nikki go to her website or give her a call 770.921.4700 and let her or one of her partners across the country create that special memory !

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  1. Old Town Flowers and Gifts says:

    That’s so sweet Roger! I knew when you said true and accurate you were talking about me. :-) Thanks Roger!!!!

    Nikki Fields 770.921.4700


  2. Roger & Maryjo Jennings says:




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