People slowly walking in the airport. Um… hello!? It’s an airport; people have places to go!

The security line – the TSA doesn’t actually bother me at all. Frankly if they are keeping me safe, I’m all for whatever you need to do and since I require special screening it always moves faster after you get past the people who get to the front of the security line who don’t realize they have to take their laptop and toiletries out and their shoes and belt off.  All of which means that the security lines snakes along.

The confused look on people’s faces as they try to find their seats. Um… the seats are in numeric order…
Passengers who continue to talk on their cellphone immediately  after the flight attendants ask passengers to turn them off or insist on updating their Facebook Page.


What didn’t you understand all the checkpoints before you got to the gate that there are size requirements for carry-on and 1 carry on didn’t mean for everybody else but you!


If you’ve flown recently you can probably rattle off half a dozen more.

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  1. I fly about once a month coast to coast. Overall it’s a pretty good experience given the close quarters and so many egos. The only one that seems to always leave me with a bad taste is when I get to my aisle seat and someone is in it, then they ask if I’d mind sitting in their window or middle seat as they prefer aisle. Why do you think I booked an aisle seat myself? because I preferred one of the others? I always reply no, I booked this seat and I will not switch.


  2. screaming brats on a flight, reclining the seal allllll the way back, poor personal hygiene, the middle seat, self-important assholes.



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