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Here’s a situation that only my fellow dog owners will truly understand — but from time to time {more often than not} we are called upon to try to determine {from a bit of a remove, hopefully} what, exactly, that foreign object is that has appeared in our dog’s poop.

Now trust me, I don’t get off on examining my dog’s fumets, but it is necessary to be aware of foreign objects that may appear so that one can maintain the health of one’s pet.

The pistachio shells I get she swallows them after pulling the seed out and eating it.

But a blue Lego?

I don’t have any freakin’ Legos in the house!BBG

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  1. Yep, they keep us on our toes they do!


  2. the cajun says:

    Probably outdoors somewhere. Kids drop those damned things everywhere. BTW, I like the new look of the place. Bright and homey. Cheers!



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