The 2 Most Misused Words ……

As a kid I remember hearing the phrase ‘We’ll See” many times, which I came to understand meant ” Most likely not, but since there’s a remote chance we’ll just say ” We’ll See “This likely explains why I’ve hated the phrase “We’ll see…” even into adulthood. As a kid I assumed my parents thought it was easier to say “We’ll see…” than “No”, hoping I’d forget about my request before it came to “see”. But as an adult I have found that “We’ll see…” doesn’t always mean “No”.

However I have come to appreciate the phrase, especially with a neighbor whose requests are endless. In fact, a “we’ll see..” attitude often provides me with the needed time to contemplate the situation,avoid making an emotional or hasty decision, and sometimes eliminates the need to make a decision at all.

Consider and Apply



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