For the first time ever today, I was chided for posting something on Facebook.

Here’s the message I received:
“Hey, I didn’t like this comment. My family and work associates read this… In the future keep it clean or else!”

Two things about this message strike me as odd, if not, er, wrong number one I never post on Facebook and number two was the incorrect usage of the ellipsis. (Yes, that was his usage, not mine.) Was he so upset that he edited himself?

In fact, this person has been updating FB to let us know of the exceedingly clean activities he has recently undertaken, such as visiting his local tanning salon. You see, he lives and works in a region that is obsessed getting tan according to one of his facebook pages; that and bragging how many beers it takes before you throw up on your wife. My reply to him was “clean or else” on a status update informing us that he is “plucked and tanned” and ready to head to the CornHole Tournament. I kid you not!

Really? You need to tan for that? I digress


3 Comments Add yours

  1. And what exactly does “or else” mean in this context? He might ‘unfriend’ you?
    Is that the carrot or the stick?


  2. asshat! his mind has been baked. pay this idiot no mind.


  3. Jennifer says:

    My only comment is don’t get on FB. :)



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