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  1. Stephanie says:

    Oh well, I shall try again !!


  2. Kathleen says:

    Who are those people?

    I have been meaning to tell you this, and now seems like as good a time as any. 3rdnlong, nothing I have seen or read on your blog has given me a hint as to whether you are a woman or a man (my apologies). Usually I can tell by the posting name, or the about page, or a reference to ‘my wife and I went here’ or ‘my sister and I had a girls night out’, but many of your posts are very brief (which I like) so I got nuthin’ :D Could you let me know? I am just nosey (and not a neighbor of yours). Much thanks.


  3. Jennifer says:



  4. Sarah says:

    Lol!!!!! The picture is good!!! Thanks Roger!!!



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