Memorial Day Memories ….

Out this morning with the dog and the temperature already pushing 80 it got me thinking it was the Tuesday after Memorial Day we said our goodbyes to my nephew Dustin.

Dustin’s passing in the prime of his life was hard on many. With a kind and loving soul he did not sign up for his place in life . With Prader-Willi Syndrome his daily quality of life was a struggle. My memories of Dustin are of his favorite thing, Fishing. Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall when at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s he was up at the crack of dawn ready to go. Several years ago on a cold dreary spring afternoon with a house full of family Dustin and I walked down to his favorite fishing spot on the sound side of the island my mom and dad call home. As I sat there listening to all the ins and outs of the right bait , how to cast and such I thought back many years earlier. I Hate Fishing. My Grandfather always had rod and reels in the trunk of his car and while out calling on his customers we would stop at causeways and canals and while eating the egg salad sandwiches my grandmother packed we would sit quietly and cast a line. I could not wait till it was time to pack up and get back in his Dodge Sedan and move on to the next Florist we were visiting that day. I never let on to my Grandfather or Dustin that day my disdain for sitting still and watching a little red and white float bob in the water. Begging for one last cast as it was getting dark and dinner waiting Dustin cast the hook into my hand. Horrified at the blood as well as what he perceived as the upcoming consequences he begged to make it our little secret and it was till today.

Dustin makes his presence known to me from time to time , the day of my first heart surgery he told me “today’s not the day, the fish aren’t biting .” As I think about Dustin today and how my life has changed since that day the following verse comes to mind….. “ and if someday, when everything turns out wrong you’re through with the huyman race come running to me, for I’ll always be waiting for you.”