“5 minutes” ……

imageBBG When BBG whines in the middle of the night it can only mean one thing: get up now or there will be hell to pay. At 3:50 the first whimper broke into my sleep, unzipping the fabric of my dream with little resistance. It’s the one thing that really works on me. When she starts the soft whine and aggressively shaking her head I’m up. When “5 minutes” doesn’t get her to stop staring and if I don’t respond… I find myself paying the tolls all the way to hell.

I got up, slipped on my sneakers and found her waiting at the door for me, not wagging her tail, not doing the little bird chirp dance she does whenever it’s time to go outside. She was sitting, front and center waiting for me. Once I got her leash hooked and opened the door, she bolts for the elevator hitting the door waiting for it to come. With the first patch of grass in her sight lets just say it wasn’t pretty and although BBG was able to go back to sleep(she’s curled up soundly, guiltlessly on the foot of the bed. I wasn’t so lucky I think I’ll turn on METv and see if a Perry Mason “wins the case.”

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  1. lucky for you that didn’t happen IN your house!



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