So yesterday I was behind someone at the ATM that had an enormous crucifix hanging off their rear-view mirror. I was contemplating what would make someone hang such a symbol like that. Do they really need the 10 inch reminder of Jesus’ suffering in their face every time they are behind the wheel? Is it because they don’t remember the crucifixion without seeing it every day?

As I was pondering this lo and behold blocking the sun is a sea shell on a rope.

Yeah, cuz I need that fresh frebreeze smell according to the commercial.

So yeah. Pot, meet Kettle (or as my mom used to say …..that’s the cat calling the kettle black!)

I wonder how many other times I judge others for something either totally harmless or something that I also do/have/say/think….probably more than I’d want to know, I’d imagine.

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  1. but your sea shell is waaaaaay less offensive than a religious symbol.



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