The other day on the way  to my INR I pulled up behind a garbage truck.  That’s never a good way to start a day.

“Crap,” I thought, “Things can’t get any worse.” Naturally I was wrong, because whenever I say that, well, you know what happens.  This time, immediately after I thought it couldn’t get worse, the driver put his left arm out of the window. It held a lit, stinky cigar. Cigars are, well, completely disgusting, and they smell worse than just about anything on the planet. Now I was sure, that, well, things couldn’t get any worse.

You might say: “When will he figure this out? Things can always get worse!” You’ll be glad to know that I finally learned that lesson and I will never ever utter that phrase again. Because immediately after I had that thought the reeking garbage truck started spewing plumes of noxious smoke. Ugggh I said to myself things can’t get any worse. Ok so I an idiot Sue Me.

A few minutes later, I was caught off guard and lulled into a false sense of complacency when the garbage truck went straight and I turned left on 14th St. “thank God I don’t have to smell that anymore.” I thought happily.

I drove  on for at least 30 seconds before I rounded a curve and had to brake sharply with all three lanes of traffic stopped.  I have no idea why except to teach me a lesson since rush hour traffic does not start to head downtown this early.

Did I mention it was a lovely morning?  Sixty degrees as the sun started to reflect on the buildings ahead.  A beautiful roll down those windows and let in the fresh air kind of morning.  Would you know it I spent the next 15 minutes stuck in traffic while APD dealt with a man passed out in the middle of Junipter St. next to a dead skunk!


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