Facebook has become one  of the most insidious evils in today’s society, and you might never think of it as evil, is, of all things. Remember when you could use it to find long, lost friends, or acquaintances you might want to think of as friends? Remember when you made fun of your coworker and her invisible farm?  Well, you can still do that, however one of things which has changed is those people have not been given a platform on which to shout out their loves, their hates, and their grievances.  Facebook is not about catching up any more, or simple socializing, Facebook is about forcing your “likes” down as many throats as possible.  I wonder how one friend gets any work done with 35 to 100 likes and forwards an hour.  I know several whose only source of news and information is forwarded from one of their 500 Facebook friends.  The all time Classic was “It’s Obamas fault I can’t get TV channels anymore.”  You are basically given three choices in dealing with these morons: unfriend them, ignore them, or join them.

My ego does not need countless friends in order to survive.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    …Facebook has done nothing but destroy, well top off the destructing whirlwind I was in. And in closing truly opened my who are a real, trusting friend, who by chance is No One. One cannot find a honest, caring, supporting friend, much less sadly a family member anymore. Appears no one can will be there for you in the end, family nor friend. You are alone, and that is one of the Greatest gifts a parent can teach their children…how to survive and live alone.


  2. Jennifer says:



  3. I have never had, and never will have, a facebork account. not needed. I have my blog; that’s enough for me.


  4. Ron says:

    Oh how I agree! I’m contemplating leaving Facebook just because of the reasons you state. I don’t see much of a useful function for me anymore.



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