Status Updates The New Christmas Letter …..

unplugRemember the Christmas Letter that always came from friends and family members?  Now with Facebook it’s everyday.  Have you noticed your facebook friends have wonderful lives?  They have the best boyfriends/girlfriends/husbands/wife’s.  Their sons and daughters win academic and sports awards and are the most thoughtful beings on the planet.  They enjoy relaxing/exciting vacations and did I mention their grand babies get more adorable every passing week !



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  1. I don’t have a FB account and I never will. this kind of stuff makes me puke! and so do those stupid letters!


  2. The post took a different turn than I’d expected. We still receive Christmas letters (groan) which surprises me because there is nothing in them that I didn’t read on FB throughout the year. I guess doing copy/paste from FB makes it easier to prepare the Christmas letter though it obviously invites the question; ‘why bother’?


  3. Stephanie Green says:



  4. Jennifer says:

    Ha so that’s why I don’t do FB



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