DJ it’s time to renew your AARP card

The person sitting next to be yesterday on the flight to new bern was reading David Cottrell’s book 12 Choices. One of my favorites I passed on to my barber the other day.(every 3 weeks she has a new pending crisis) I asked the young lady sitting next to me if she was enjoyed it and she said “I’m not sure why my Dad wanted me to read it”

The crux of the book is the truth of success comes from making the right choices. The choices you make will lead in either of two directions: closer to or further from the success you are trying to achieve and it is never too late to learn or start making good choices.

So as I am sitting here thinking my younger brother is 52 tomorrow, where in the hell has time gone? I thought about the last time I visited his home. The meal he put out for my sister and I. Since then have I followed up with updating him about my health trials and tribulations? And more importantly when is the last time I told him I loved him?

As my brother celebrates his birthday I feel that he is in a good place in his life and found someone to share it with. My brother is a good example of it is never too late to learn or start making good choices and I look forward to the closeness we have developed this year.

Happy Birthday Duane, I know Mom would have been happy to have both her “boys” home on this special day(but snow changed the plan). I can’t remember the last time it happened but I think the Miami Dolphins won the Super Bowl that year!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ron says:

    Speaking from personal experience I’m here to tell you it is never TOO LATE to make those choices. Here I am at the grand old age of 72 and my life has literally began anew. Who knew?


  2. Jennifer says:

    Happy birthday to Duane, very nice message. I know he is just waiting for the weather to get warmer and then hit golf balls again.


  3. Sarah says:

    Duane an i really wish the weather had cooperated he would loved to be their with his Mom & Dad this Birthday!! Happy Birthday Baby !!! I love you!!! We’ll done Roger !!!! Your the best!!!



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