ahhhh the good ol’ days ……

Piedmont at 12thWalking thru the snow today had me thinking back to when I was a kid. I still remember my Grandmothers silver metallic Christmas tree, a strange contraption, but could still droopily hold a few ornaments. I am reminded of rotary phones which took some time just to dial a single phone number, that’s if your finger didn’t slip. I remember when I had to get up off my comfy sofa every single time I changed the channel of my family’s black and white television. I hark back to the days when a pork chop had to be cooked to death in case there were some weird parasitic bugs living in it. I remember being bored by Pong. I cringe thinking of drinking a soda, pulling the tab completely off of the hard aluminum soda can and inevitably cutting my lip from the sharp floating pull-tab that I just put back into the can.

Ahhhhh, The Good Ol’ Days

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  1. Ron says:

    Ah yes, the Good Old Days. :)



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