I Was Wondering….

Our parents did not and whether they admit it or not they need our help to guide them sometimes. However many parents (especially mother’s) still believe that mother is always right and refuse to take direction. In reality, they are not always right…..right?

For me personally it seems that no matter what I tell my mother she ultimately thinks she is right. I can argue that the sky is blue which is scientifically proven aside from seeing it with your own eyes and she will accept my opinion but in her last breath remind me it is red.

Do mother’s ever realize they may be or have been wrong in the past about anything? Why do mother’s claim they are right even though you have demonstrated they are not? Is this an inherent trait of motherhood? Is this just a case of stubbornness with age? Even in the rare situation where they realize they made a mistake or chose a path less ideal there is still a hesitation in their voice to admit their offspring was right.

The bigger question is: Do you let your mother continue to think she is right ?

Yes Ma’am !


One Comment Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    What are you thinking! Mothers are always right, the end, no room for debate.



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