My dad is fond of saying, “a bucks a buck. ” I never played the lottery till recently. I had to ask the clerk how to buy a ticket. I didn’t even know there was more than one kind of lottery ticket. I was raised to avoid throwing away good money on harebrained schemes or useless crap. Of course, that didn’t stop me from buying that creme leisure suit in the 70s, but whatever.

Anyway, now I buy tickets probably every other week, if I remember. I spend either $2 and $3, depending how lucky I feel that day. I usually buy one Mega Millions ticket, and one or two regular Lotto tickets. I tell myself that the fantasy value alone is worth it, as it chips away at that chronic financial anxiety and is cheaper than Wellbutrin. Besides, lottery money goes to the state’s educational system, so I consider it my contribution to the bright young minds of tomorrow.

I buy my tickets at the grocery store. Since I’m already getting screwed with the price of milk, might as well make it a twofer and you never know …. remember the beach house I promised you?


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  1. Ron says:

    For several years I bought lottery tickets twice a week. I usually spent $3.00 each outing. Six dollars a week for about four years. The most I ever won was $7.00. Never came close. However, I understand the rationale of fantasy. If you enjoy the fantasy possibility of winning, then it is worth it. My fantasy ended when I inherited enough money from my Mother to pay off my mortgage. No more lottery tickets for me.


  2. Jennifer says:




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