redboxHow have I missed out on RedBox? I walk past it multiple times a week going in and out of Publix. Sitting at the light I see one in front of Walgreens and this afternoon I see one in front of a GSU dormitory across from the parking deck at Crawford Long.

Red Box is a vending machine where you can rent a DVD for $1 a day. Basically you enter your credit card for verification, pick from a list of DVD’s (including new releases), pay $1 for the day and then run back home to watch it.

It is genius actually. It is a vending machine so no opening or closing hours, no manpower needed to run it and your overhead is freaking electricity, no waiting on Netflix to come in the mail and certainly a lot cheaper then paying for a movie from Comcast onDemand.

Even with movies on the iPad and cellphones the new thing, some of us still like a deal. How longs it been since you saw a movie for a buck?

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  1. Like you, I pass the machine frequently. There is one outside the CVS pharmacy and one inside Albertson’s. I have never used it though. I only use Netflix for streaming content so the selection is more limited but we do have HBO and Showtime at home. I am sure I missing out but I am not sure how much more content I can absorb.


  2. I have seen Redbox all over but do not have a credit card, so never use it. Plus, I don’t know what happened to the cord to my player. One of these days, the cord will return and I will just ask friend to use his cc for a movie that I will promise to return on time…lol.


  3. Ron says:

    I’ve never used Redbox. Sounds like a good deal if you’re going to watch the movie right away. I use Netflix by mail. I never know how long it will take me to get around to watching a movie but I like to have the DVD’s available when I’m ready to take in a movie. I guess we choose the system that works best for our “lifestyle” (a word I am hesitant to use because of my gayness).



  4. Jennifer says:

    Well graham knows all about redbox! But when your late it is no longer a good deal



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