“I’m Sitting Across From You.. “

I have little patience anymore with people and their cell phones…..particularly when they are sitting across from me at a lunch. Let’s be clear, I’m not that bothered when I’m sitting across from someone and their phone rings and they answer it……as long as they keep the call to a minimum, I mean really that’s the point of cell phones.

That said what I am discovering is that I feel really upset when I’m sitting with someone and they keep staring into their phone because they are either texting or are on their Facebook account. I guess I can understand one or two text messages as possibly being business or work related and also family… I mean we all have to make allowances for family so I get that. The worse to me, is someone on their Facebook account. I still can’t imagine why on earth anyone would need to access FB while being treated to lunch.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Ron says:

    It’s just rude.



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