WAIT IT 93 Degrees Outside

and yesterday was the first day of Fall?

Fall is much more subtle then the other seasons with some clear definite signs that it’s arriving. Yes, obviously the changing of leaves is one of them but that’s usually not the first sign. There’s the first day that the temperature dips below 75 and stays there for a few days before it rebounds as if summer is desperately trying to hold on in a futile attempt. Gradually summer gives way to the cool of autumn. The best is those first few days where you still dont need a jacket but a long sleeve shirt or light sweater will do the job. fall also sees the tail end of peaches and nectarines and the beginning of apples and pears (yes, apples and pears are year round fruits but ever notice how many more of them are around when fall hits?). and when life gives you apples you make apple cider. or caramel apples. or apple pie. Of course, the highlight of fall for kids is Halloween which means candy but for adults in their twenties means mulled cider, pumpkin pie, and on that especially cold night a steaming cup of hot chocolate. With marshmallows of course. And then at the very end of fall when winter is about to bust down the door with it’s cold wind and snow, thanksgiving arrives. yes, I realize that Thanksgiving is the quintessential American holiday that is supposed to remind us of family and friends and all the things we are thankful for (dont get me wrong, love all that stuff) but really…you cant beat the food spread at Thanksgiving. When else can you eat an entire meal of side dishes if you dont want the turkey?



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