I’m a Heartless Christian……

I stopped at the Dollar Tree on ponce de leon(a “colorful stretch of road thru atlanta.) With a plethora or comical mix of hipsters, senior citizens, and others in needy dire straights and strangely enough Zaxbys choice for its first restaurant ITP.

I park, get out and I’m immediately questioned “Sir, can you help me? I’m struggling, no place to live and been abused. I just needs some money for food.”

I’m not familiar with this one. But she certainly had a more needy tone about her begging. But my “out in public” inner cynic took control and I told her that “I’m just taking care of myself today.” In which she replied “that’s not very Christian like'”

When I left she was gone. I went to Zaxbys and sitting in the DT there she was at Krispy Creme across the way with a bag of donuts talking to 2 ladies and another man having a good ole time. Not so alone and feeling abused after all. Thinking about her comment I smiled and paid for the lady’s lunch in the car behind me!

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  1. Kathleen says:

    Even if that person was truly needy, her decision to argue with you, or make you feel bad about your decision to give or not, makes her rude, and therefore ‘undeserving’ in my book (and I myself have been literally homeless.) I believe there is never an excuse for unkindness.


  2. What a thought-provoking post!

    Yesterday there were protestors outside our church but their grievances were more theological than political. I decided, it bring a Catholic church, they should be called Proestants rather than protestors.

    Between their visit and you post I’ll spend some time thinking about Christianity in practical terms.



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